Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Huggy Phase

This is definitely my favorite phase so far. The agreeable phase was nice (when the answer to everything, including "what color is that?" was "Yeeeessss"). The first words stage was lovely. The 'du-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum' (sound of him crawling down the hallway) stage was terribly cute.

The no-you-CAN'T-change-my-diaper stage was exasperating, though it was interesting to watch him really start to have an opinion. The HOOP! Ball! Hoop! stage will probably never end, judging by his daddy. The baby-lump stage was, despite the sleep deprivation, the easiest in many ways.

But his new thing is hugging. He wants to snuggle in for hugs on my shoulder, and he asks for it by name. Sometimes I know it's coming, but a lot of the time it just pops into his head that he wants a hug, and he yells "HUG!" and comes running. I find it physically impossible to deny him. Not that I try very hard.

It's also his first joke. I come home, and he is sssooo excited to see me. He talks to me through the window and points to the front door, telling me where to come in. And some days, he comes running around the couch to get to me, arms outstretched for lovies. Which he gets.

But lately, he says 'hiiiiiii' and continues playing. I ask for hugs, and he actually says no! So I say, "OK, then Mamma is going over here," and I take approximately 1.433 steps, when I hear


I think he is being funny - saying the opposite of what he means, when we all know what he really wants.

Totally my favorite phase ever. At least until the next one comes.

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