Sunday, April 25, 2010


Spent Pumpkin's nap today outside - mostly weeding. The strawberries out front are going gangbusters, and I had to do some (a LOT) of pre-emptive weeding out of bloomed out hyacinth and weird jurrasic looking reed things, so that they have room to grow yummy. The hubby is taking out a couple bushes that line the back of the house (we may put in pavers this summer, and turn our tiny patio into a big patio!), so the debris bin was already full before I started.

Which is my favorite way to start, because I have a really good excuse to stop any old time I want.

I also went to Jerry's (dear lord, I love that store) and got advice on removing old concrete plugs from where the fence used to be, checked out sledgehammers and chicken wire, and bought two packs of little blank garden-bed labels for my raised beds that are starting to sprout.

I actually was smart enough to write a little schematic of where I had planted what, so it's not like I need them to tell the lettuce apart from the tomato or anything. But I filled the beds in with soil from my monstrously large mulch pile (3 big raised beds only took about 2/3 of the pile), which has sat un-turned and un-taken care of since the squirrels only know when, so there are a butt-load of weeds in it. I scraped off the top layer before digging, but I am pretty sure that most of the little sprouts I see in the beds right now are weeds, not veggies or herbs. Pretty sure I say, because a tiny two-leaf sprout looks like a tiny two-leaf sprout, and how am I supposed to know which will turn into carrots and which will turn into stinkweed?

So, me being brilliant in my own mind, and an OK drawer, I looked up pictures of seedlings of all the things I planted, and drew them in sharpie on the back of all the labels, so I can weed out the bad and recognize the good! As soon as they get a little bit bigger, of course.

I also was feeling motivated, so I did all the kitchen work for Ahiru, mowed, blew the tree debris from the rock garden, spot-shotted the hairball spots on the carpet, and now am waiting for the laundry. Mostly because I am monumentally unmotivated to write this week's lesson plans.

I have a general idea of what I will do. That's good enough for goverment work - right? I find it HILARIOUS that I am payed by taxpayers, so that actually applies to my work. hehehehe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I Love Middle Schoolers

They call youngish teachers 'miss' and older teachers 'mrs,' no matter how carefully you explain your marital status

They draw me things, like hearts, gophers, bunnies, and fire-spewing slugs.

If you tell them you are awesome, they will believe you. Without any further proof!

They copy my fashion statements, maybe without really knowing where they saw it (I think I am being confused with Vogue!!!)

They write novels in their spare time.

They will do pretty much anything you ask, so long as they are promised a cookie.

They try so hard to flirt with each other, but are soooooo bad at it.

Their voices crack at embarrassing moments.

They are so enthusiastic about absolutely everything.

They are physically incapable of going a full day without gossiping.

They still want to hug their teachers.

They try really really hard to be good when the teacher isn't feeling well. Even the 'bad' ones.

They have no idea how embarrassing their current fashion statements are going to be in few years time ;-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

random angst


"You want up on the couch?"


I am unable to get over how adorable Pumpkin is. Everything he says, is cute. Even when he is screaming and arching his back on the floor to avoid the dreaded diaper change, he is beautiful. How did I get so whipped?

In related news, when does summer get here? Spring keeps teasing me - sure Steph, come on out and work in the yard. It will make you feel better. I PROMISE not to get you wet (sneaky laugh).

I want new shoes. I want to sleep in with my baby every morning. I want a reason to paint my toenails!

In not-so related news, Hubby and I are trying hard to get our groove back - we never used to get on each others cases (and last nerves) like we have been this winter. Counseling is helping some. His new meds are helping some. New work stresses aren't helping so much.

That's right folks, someone gets the butt-end of the staffing changes again this year! On the bright side, I get to keep my job, and I get to stay at my (challenging)awesome(challenging) school, and my new teaching partners is a lady I adore. On the occluded side, I was one of three who got shafted last year, and I am one of two this year - but I am the only repeat.

My take on all this depends on my stress level. When I am feeling chill, I figure it's because I am known to be pretty flexible, and willing to get things done. When the girl drama and lack of HW completion get to me, I start to figure it's because maybe I'm not as good as the other teachers, so they don't mind moving me around.

And lastly, on an equally angsty note, I would like to tell the void how much I hate being asked to talk to authority figures. I ALWAYS have this panic moment, thinking 'omg, I'm in trouble, what did I do? Am I gonna get fired? Arrested? Are they going to make me cry?' Even though my head knows I have been working hard and doing a decent job and waiting for the walk signal. Just one of those little things that reminds me I'm just as crazy as everyone else.