Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I Love Middle Schoolers

They call youngish teachers 'miss' and older teachers 'mrs,' no matter how carefully you explain your marital status

They draw me things, like hearts, gophers, bunnies, and fire-spewing slugs.

If you tell them you are awesome, they will believe you. Without any further proof!

They copy my fashion statements, maybe without really knowing where they saw it (I think I am being confused with Vogue!!!)

They write novels in their spare time.

They will do pretty much anything you ask, so long as they are promised a cookie.

They try so hard to flirt with each other, but are soooooo bad at it.

Their voices crack at embarrassing moments.

They are so enthusiastic about absolutely everything.

They are physically incapable of going a full day without gossiping.

They still want to hug their teachers.

They try really really hard to be good when the teacher isn't feeling well. Even the 'bad' ones.

They have no idea how embarrassing their current fashion statements are going to be in few years time ;-)

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