Wednesday, November 25, 2009

cr**ola month

And I don't mean crayola either.

Ahiru update: Came home, did great, went downhill steadily, RE-broke femur at hip, back into hospital, back into surgery, back into rehab, like the enterprise in a time-warp.

Me update: Was happy to have him home, was stressed that he was going downhill, had a minor breakdown when he became bed-ridden, was relieved to hear it was actually another break and not all in his head, have been losing weight due to stress-starving, medical bills have me totally broke in time for the holidays, am now in a holding pattern.

Pumpkin update: was stressed and upset when daddy screamed in pain, missed his daddy, couldn't visit his daddy because of swine-flu rules at hospital and rehab facility, came down with a nice little flu + fever himself, has the funniest cute little raspy baby voice, has suddenly started signing for food, more, all done, "itsy bitsy spider."

In general: One of the firemen who came to our house when we called for an ambulance to get Ahiru to the hospital was gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. Not gorgeous like real firemen - gorgeous like Hollywood firemen. So if you are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to have an emergency. You won't regret it.

Xmas lights are up. Unlike last year, Pumpkin is looking, and loving them. He puts his hand on my jawline and shoves my head to one side to get me to look at them with him.

Had some fun highlights put in. Had fun getting all sarcastic on my students when they asked if they were real.

I smell roses! Go Ducks!