Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wild West

Brushing his hair back from his face and putting his hat back on, P. P. "Sticky Hands" McGee watched the Sheriff and his latest posse ride through the valley below. From where he lay behind the scrub at the top of the dusty cliff, he could count the number of deputies, but could not see who they were. He would need to go in closer, and assess just who was a dangerous hand, and who was just filler, looking for a share in the bounty.

"Some fella's just don't know when to quit" said the outlaw to his left in a deceptively sweet voice. Many a man had woken up dizzy and toy-less after being lulled by that soft purr.

McGee looked over at her and smirked, "Wouldn't be much fun for us if they did, now would it?"

"Nah, I guess not. Here's the last of the moonshine. We had better raid a town with a daggum milk bar next time, Sticky!"

McGee drank. She was right - they were running low on supplies. An outlaw would have to look hard and long before finding a crew as tight and cunning as the September Kids, but even they would start grumble if not regularly supplied with their favorite crackers.

Sticky Hands and Jelly Belly looked down the hill behind them as they heard someone scramble up.

"Boss! I just came from base camp. Looks like some Professional Binky Hunters split off from the Sheriff a ways back, and have picked up our trail! They can't be more than a mile or two behind me."

"Oh, Poopy pants! Get to the other kids and get them here quick! Jelly Belly and I will hole up over behind those swings and hold them off. You all come around from the North and we'll pin them in. Go!" The lackey scrambled off, as Sticky and Jelly began to ready their ammo.

"Sticky, I hate to say it, but I only have one ball left."

"What? I didn't bring any - I thought you were carrying!"

"I was, but they fell out when we forded that second creek, and I couldn't exactly stop for them!"

"Oh, Poopy pants on a duck! We'll just have to do this the old fashioned way."

Sticky and Jelly made their way to the swings, and climbed up so they could jump on the binky hunters from above. Sure enough, moments later they heard footsteps and the interlopers, having dismounted to get closer to their quarry undetected, came into the little ravine.

Jelly signaled, and down they jumped! Sticky couldn't see what was going on with Jelly, but he knew she could hold her own, and focused on taking down the big brute he had landed on. It was a short struggle, and Sticky was quickly sitting astride his would-be catcher, ready to make her talk.

"How many more are coming?" The hunter just shook her head. "I ASKED you a QUESTION you drooly-bib! How many?"

"Just us P.P! I swear it! The sheriff thought for sure you'd gone west, so we struck out alone!"

Just as well, thought McGee. I wasn't planning for more trouble today. Sticky and Jelly quickly hog-tied the two hunters, and when the rest of the crew arrived they all had a good laugh at the hapless brutes.

"Well, kiddos, what do you suppose we go see what that new rattle boutique has in stock that we might like?"

Sly smiles spread around the group, and they turned as one and headed north, free to plunder another day.