Sunday, October 18, 2009

growing out of stuff, again

Pumpkin is officially one for a couple weeks now. We had to go through his stuff and get rid of all the 6to9 month clothes, as my 5th percentile charmer is finally ready for 9to12... Not that we had any. So we jumped straight to 12mo stuff, which swims on him a bit, but when your this cute, who cares?

So, pumpkin patch pictures,

bday cake in the form of Thubby Elephant (thanks Sweetlife!),

crying at mommy not to go to work, and now an official walker.

Life is crazy and wonderful.


Hubby broke his hip, so this weekend was spent at the hospital. Did you know that Riverbend emergency room is kept at approximately 40 degrees farenheight? Well, it is. So next time you go, dress for the artic. Seriously. Cords and a light jacket WILL NOT SUFFICE.

But it's actually hard to lose focus, when I have this to keep me in line!

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