Sunday, October 25, 2009


the last post, about not losing focus? totally true, for at least 48 hours. Then, on top of EVERYTHING else, I lost my freaking wallet. I totally lost it - the last straw on top of the last straw.

Poor Pumpkin got to see his mommy drive across town while crying, while his daddy was still in the hospital... Hubby is now in a rehab facility working on walking again, so that is good. I have been cleaning my house almost obsessively, because with everything else I CANNOT handle looking at a mess right now.

I did get my wallet back, sans $14 but with all my id etc.

And can I just say, I have the sweetest students ever? They were so worried about me - checking about Hubby and the wallet and just generally great kiddos.

And I never knew how many wonderful people I was friends with, until they started bringing over food and supporting my family in any way they could. They are the silver lining to my life right now!

And Pumpkin just gets cuter and smarter every day. It's amazing how much your soul can focus on a child, even when everything else is crap.

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