Sunday, March 29, 2009

next size up

Pumpkin turned 6 mos on Thursday, while at the Gt. Grandparent's house. I am kind of sad at how fast he is growing - he is so amazing and perfect and fun at this age, I am not ready for him to be moving this fast.

While watching some home video from last Thanksgiving, Ahiru and I noticed how dark Pumpkin's hair used to be. For the first few months, it was almost as dark as mine! Now it is much paler, and we think he might end up copper-topped like my dad.

Which got me thinking about all the things that he has grown out of already, and all through the (7hr) drive home, I was listing in my head the things that he has already grown out of.

It makes me sad.

Size-wise, he is still comfortably in the 6mos clothes. He above average length, but lighter than the other boys (and some of the girls) in the Bto3 group. Not underweight, and not skinny, just not as chubby as many babies get. I personally am convinced that this is because it takes a LOT of calories to maintain the faux-hawk!

He has pretty much given up the booby-laugh. For several months, if he was hungry (but not to the point of fussing) he would give this little "heh-heh-heh" laugh when I lifted my shirt. Then it changed to a big grin at the shirt going up, and he would laugh (without unlatching :-) ) when the milk came down, which cracked me up every single time. He still gets excited to eat when hungry, but the sound effects have gone away, which I miss quite a lot.

He doesn't gurgle at me anymore either. When he first learned how to make a gurgle sound, he did it constantly and found never ending amusement when I did it back to him. Being such a big boy, he has moved on to raspberries. The first time he blew one, Ahiru and I just about busted a gut laughing. He pursed his lips, tensed up his entire body, made a couple "p" sounds, then some squeaks, then finally blew a mini raspberry. With about 3 quarts of accompanying spittle flying around the room. Now he can do them whenever he pleases, due to the 3 of us practicing constantly. What's a little boy without fart noises, anyway?

His spit-ups now are just normal baby urps. For the first couple months, when he had to urp he really went for it, and could hit objects (or the cat) several feet away. This disappeared around 8 weeks, and I hadn't really thought about it since. Can't say as I miss that particular habit, but it was part of life for a time.

For the longest time, the funniest thing he did was his burp-face. Not when he burped (boy is crazy hard to gas-out) but if I was holding him and I burped. Which happens a lot, actually. We all know that yawns are contagious, but no one ever told me that every time I burped him, I would generate one of my own! And every time I did, he would tense up, and shake his head, and turn to look me right in the face with a very surprised expression. An "oh! what the heck kind of noise just came out of her!?!" face. These past couple weeks, this has gone by the wayside too. I shall miss it forever.

I shall also miss the green sleeper with the moon on the butt, his fascination with a tiny stuffed zebra, and being able to set him on the bed while I folded clothes without worrying about him rolling off.

Jeez, Mom. Do I really have to be strapped in tighter than a frickin fighter pilot?

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