Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wonder

If all women are astounded every day by the beauty of their kids, or if I am just an especially huge sucker

What I will do if the budget gets cut again and I end up laid off

Why my friend hasn't answered my attempts to talk in so long

How hard would it be to tackle my kitchen cabinets

Why the population as a whole is so infatuated with sunshine, when rain feels so much better on my skin

If grandma were around, what would she think of how I turned out, impatience and all

Why I am so intrigued with the idea of blogging, but so reluctant to post regularly?

1 comment:

Noelley B said...


I found your blog by googling "usagi to ahiru." I was looking for this as a lark, as my fiancé sometimes uses the handle "ahirujin" online, and I adore rabbits. Anyway, I love the randomness of how I found you, and having read the last few posts on your blog, I found we have a few things in common. (I was just at the Seattle branch of Uwajimaya today, and I used to live in Portland)

Your son is adorable!