Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music Man

His talent for tickling the ivories was evident from an awfully early age. As long as he could remember, people had commented on his "piano fingers" and he did agree that he had very elegant hands. What became evident a bit later, however, was infinitely more interesting to Pumpkin - namely, music attracts the girls.

Even more than his lovely hands, or musical talent, it was his suave stylings with the lady-folk that made the other men jealous. With a glance over the shoulder, and a smile that melted all humans of the feminine persuasion, he never lacked for attention at parties, or snuggles whenever he desired.

Tonight was no different. The lovelies were scattered around the room, glancing his way but too shy to approach. Pulling out his (every often) tried and (invariably) true techniques, he casually worked his way through the crowd, arriveing after a few minutes at the elegant piano under the window.

Another young man had been playing previously, to some general smiles but no lasting success. Pumpkin set about showing the other young men how it is done. He laid his delicate fingers on the ivory, and began to lightly play.

The soft coos of appreciation were, of course, immediate. Some nearbye couples admired his technique, but he outwardly ignored their compliments, choosing to appear unaffected by the stir he was making. Sure enough, after only a few moments a lovely tall, towheaded young lady sidled over to watch him and strike up a conversation. She was charming, with big blue eyes and pouty lips. Perfect.

As she briefly left his side to get them both fresh drinks, he allowed himself a short, gloating smile. Music never fails the Pumpkin.

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