Monday, January 5, 2009

Back, again

My leave was up on the 18th of December.  So I had to go back to work for Thursday, but Friday (thank you, mother nature!) was a snow day!  A one day trial run, and then two more weeks off, during which Pre

1) reverted to NOT sleeping thru the night (why, pumpkin, why?)
2)refused any and all bottles offered him
3)charmed the pants of his grandma
4)fell in love with our exchange student, and
5)was given a  beartato.

Today, I had to go back again.  I was a wreck the first time, just emotional and a big baby, wanting to stay with my little baby.

This time, no big whoop.  I had so much to take care of, so much to do that I didn't think twice about it.  I had to pump a couple extra times so I could leave milk.  I had to organize the first week's worth of lesson plans.  I had to help my exchange student find an apartment and get moved.  I had laundry, dishes, a needy hubby, two needy cats, a baby that apparently feels abandoned if I am not holding him at any given time, christmas lights to take down, doopity doop de doo.  So I got up, got ready, no fuss no muss.

Until I pulled into the parking lot, and my heart said 'you know you have to leave him in the car with his dad now, right?'

And suddenly, I was fighting back tears...

So yeah, still a big ass baby, wanting to stay with my little baby.

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